Customized Paper Cup Blank Sheet Printing Machine Paper Bowl Digital Printer

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Product Description

Paper cups paper bowl automatic digital printing machines, production of paper cups paper bowl for the market industry custom a color digital printing presses, can be in paper cups, paper bowl, surface printing design, personalized custom printing content, without waiting for, no plate making, import need to print design, boot to print, batch printing a minute 100, color printing, color: no restrictions, Can replace the traditional screen printing

Technical parameters
Ink: environmentally friendly water-based ink
Resolution: 1200dpi
Printing width: 210MM
Feeding width: 230mm
Feeding height: 400mm
Feeding width: 50-400mm
Printing speed: 0-30 m/min
Supported colors: Red, yellow, blue, black (color)
Equipment size: 4100mm*720mm*1700mm
Input power: 380V 50Hz/60Hz
Machine power: 3.0KW
Production line weight: about 350kg
Operating system: WIN7 WIN10
Image format: BMP/JPG/PDF/TIFF
 Operating environment: temperature 15-35°C
Relative humidity 20%-80%
Product introduction
Free plate DIY graphics instant editing and printing

single-pass DIY
High-speed digital ink jet printing machine, for the unformed disposable paper cup, cup pieces for digital printing, printing function: no plate, no moQ, import pictures can be boot printing, efficient, fast, one moQ; This is a high-speed water-based inkjet printer that can customize the LOGO pattern information in the water cup. No plate making, you can import BMP/JPG/PDF/TIF documents to start printing, single-pass Single printing, high efficiency, high jet quality, fine text can replace the traditional ink printing machine. Surface printing one thing one code traceable variable bar code, variable two-dimensional code, water code, variable data characters, variable text LOGO pattern.
The machine is more stable and has the function of correcting deviation and counting material.

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